There are WOODWAY Slat Belt Treadmills and then there are conventional treadmills.

Slat Belt Treadmills by WOODWAY USA feature an original (internationally-patented) design that was developed in response to conventional treadmill designs. Our Engineers set out to develop a safe and comfortable running surface for humans that also reduced the friction and wear associated with the conventional conveyor belt style. To do this they started with a ball-bearing transportation system and then created an entirely new slat style running surface.

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You want the best for obvious reasons. The Curve is unlike anything else, it will get members talking. There is no motor, there are no buttons, it is entirely manual, you could say it runs on sweat and determination. You will love the fact that you save 100% on electrical costs and have a dynamic piece to offer clientele. Does your competition have the Curve? 

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